jNWG Christmas Event

Join us for a little pre-Christmas get-together with fun science and career advice from our guest Michael Brecht and socializing with your fellow early career scientists!

We would love it if you would share a summary slide of your research with us and be part of the “slide-show-karaoke”.
The idea is that you prepare a slide – without words – in which the aim of your research is explained and another participant will try to explain your “research-slide”.

Register by e-mail to jnwg@nwg-info.de to receive the link. First come, first serve!

NeuroCon 2020 – postponed to 2021

We are sad to cancel this year’s NeuroCon, but given the still unclear circumstances we didn’t want to take any chances with each others health. So instead, we are looking forward to meeting you in person at NeuroCon 2021.

It’s coming soon: save the date for NeuroCon 2020!

Over the past 5 months we’ve been working a lot on our first jNWG conference, which will take place already this fall at Schloss Reisensburg near Ulm. We want to put a big focus on networking among early career neuroscientists, share experiences, discuss career perspectives and geek out on each others research.
There will be updates on the program and how to register soon!

jNWG at NFDI Neuroscience Workshop

On Friday, September 20th, the jNWG had the pleasure to participate at the first NFDI Neuroscience Community Workshop in Berlin.
What is the NFDI4Neuroscience? An initiative that aims to enable and simplify research data management, for example developing standards for sharing, storing, reusing data and metadata and drawing attention to pre-existing data management tools, or developing tools that are missing. It’s a bottom-up process, based on the users needs and invested in training and support to generate a much needed research data infrastructure.
Want to learn more? https://nfdi-neuro.de/

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic group of young researchers aiming towards an increased representation and effective networking amongst young neuroscientists by bringing the following ideas to life:

·    Focus on your wishes and needs around your daily as well as future work life.
·    Increase visibility of young neuroscientists within the NWG and the greater public.
·    Draw attention onto research of young scientists.
·    Organize events and workshops providing peer-to-peer scientific education and career advice.
·    Facilitate networking with European neuroscience societies and laboratories.

… and much more.