We founded the jNWG as a representation of young neuroscientists within the NWG to promote our interests and foster our careers in neuroscience. We want to get involved, organize events that are specifically tailored to our needs and interests, connect with each other on the national and European level, and help each other to make the most of our PhD and Postdoc time in neuroscience!


  1. jNWG Symposia at the NWG Meetings (we will organize our own jNWG symposium during the next NWG Göttingen meeting in 2021 for projects of young scientists)
  2. Contributions to the Neuroforum (jNWG members are part of the editorial board, regular contribution with articles, Breaking News winners present their projects)
  3. Contribution of young scientists to dasGehirn.info
  4. “Book a young neuroscientist”, neuroscience for school children


  1. Annual jNWG meetings for exchange of science, skills and ideas, and to gain experience and network beyond your scientific project
  2. Online platform for peer-to-peer collaborations and scientific knowledge sharing 
  3. Regular jNWG social events at the NWG meeting in Göttingen
  4. Connect to neuroscience societies and laboratories all over europe


  1. jNWG as a new section within the NWG (section speaker as an executive board member represents our needs and wishes within the NWG)  
  2. Breaking News symposia at the NWG meeting: jNWG members in the committee for abstract and winner selection
  3. NWG meeting 2021 (as a NWG section we will be part of the program committee for the next NWG meeting)
  4. Neuroforum (e.g. contribute articles to Neuroforum; Sophie Seidenbecher and Andreas Ritzau-Jost are members of the editorial board and represent us as jNWG)


  1. Exchange of experiences from (junior-) prof to students and postdocs (i.e. during organized get-to-know activities during NWG meetings)
  2. Introductory symposim/workshop at the NWG meetings about methods (basics and news) applied in the projects presented in the regular NWG symposia
  3. Soft skill workshops at the annual jNWG meetings (e.g. media training, science communication, presentation skills, mentoring or how to become a good supervisor/group leader, and more)
  4. Alternative career possibilities  
  5. Promote the online job market on the NWG homepage