we hope you are doing fine! It’s been a while since our last post but there are some new activities planned so we want to give you a short update on what is currently going on:

Sadly, we must inform you, that NeuroCon2022 unfortunately had to be cancelled. But the good news is that we will have a jNWG-event associated to the 12th NWG-Meeting in Göttingen (March 22-25, 2023; https://www.nwg-goettingen.de/)! We plan on having an entertaining event for stimulating activities, networking, and socializing with new and a reunion with old friends. The next NeuroCon is then planned for the year after (2024), as an independent event. In the future, we will have NeuroCon held alternating with the biannual Göttingen neuroscience-meeting of the NWG!

In addition, the jNWG is hosting a symposium at the NWG-Meeting 2023 with the title “Alternatives to living animal models”. We will have enthusiastic early-career and senior scientists present their research. So watch out for us when you are in Göttingen!

For the end of 2022 we are planning to have a virtual event around Christmas time. Maybe you attended our last virtual Christmas event in 2020.

If you are interested to be part of the organisation of one of the mentioned activities. Or become active beyond, in representing early-career neuroscience and having a say, then we urge you to join our slack-channel at any time (https://join.slack.com/t/jnwg-workspace/shared_invite/zt-1bcgiqi2u-4CyuMU2ImbbMl0wqkNY_lg) or contact us via jnwg@nwg-info.de.

Stay well, best regards and see you soon!
Yours jNWG

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